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Keeping everyone safe

Updated: Feb 2

Well here it is the middle of October, and we are still in Covid-World. None of us thought it would go on so long! It was a slow slow summer, but fortunately for The Inn, people are starting to travel a little now, and business is picking up. We are so happy to welcome guests again!

When you travel, it is important to understand the cleaning procedures in place wherever you visit.

Here are some of the steps we are taking to keep our guests and staff safe:

  1. Masks are required indoors in all public spaces.

  2. Public spaces are ozone-treated each night.

  3. Before check-in, each guest room is ozone-treated, and all frequently-touched surfaces are wiped down with alcohol.

  4. After check-out, each guest room is ozone-treated before and after cleaning.

  5. Bleach and hot water are used to wash all towels and white linens.

  6. All bed coverings are washed and dried on hot after each guest.

  7. Guest rooms are not entered by staff after check-in. If a guest's stay is for more than 1 night, a basket of extra linens and supplies is left in the room and treated with ozone.

  8. Masks, alcohol, and hand sanitizer are available in the public spaces.

  9. Public spaces may only be occupied by 3 people at a time, so as to maintain a safe social distance.

We at The Inn are all praying for a swift end to this Covid time, and while we're in it, we are working to keep everyone safe! Thank you for your cooperation.

Be well.

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